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Wine List

Walter Hicks Wine Merchants celebrated their 150th Anniversary in 2001.

The company was formed By Walter Hicks, who was from Luxulyan. He set up in business in St Austell, Cornwall, in 1851.


White and Rose Wines are designated numbers 1 to 9 with 1 being the driest and 9 being sweetest.
Red wines are designated letters A to E with A being the lightest and softest and E being the deepest and fullest with a concentrated flavour.For ports, sherries, dessert wines and vintage selection please ask our function co-ordinators for our full wine list.


1         Spain                 BACH PLATINUM CAVA RESERVA, Penedes  11.5%                                                    1              £15.00

                                      Cool, understated Reserva with great weight of character.

2         England            CAMEL VALLEY BRUT 2004/05, CAMEL VALLEY VINEYARD,                                  1              £26.95

                                      Cornwall  12.0%  

                                      Superb, golden sparkler, with elegant fizz and full, ripe flavour, yet truly ‘brut’.

3         France               PAUL HERARD BLANC DE NOIR BRUT, Champagne  12.0%                                       1              £27.95

                                      Brut, but with sunny fruit flavours.

4         France               LAURENT PERRIER BRUT, Champagne  12.0%                                                                1              £32.95

                                      In the top rank of Champagne houses, with a light and elegant style.

5         France               BOLLINGER SPECIAL CUVEE BRUT, Champagne  12.0%                                               1              £45.00

                                      Firm, characterful style with rich flavour notes.

6         France               AYALA BLANC DE BLANCS 1998/99, Champagne  12.0%                                             1              £50.00

                                      Pale gold, fine mousse. Fresh elegant flavours, well-balanced with a long finish.

7         France               DOM PERIGNON 1998, Champagne  12.5%                                                                        1              £90.00

This Champagne, reputedly the oldest and most traditional, has a very delicate

style and wonderful character.

8         France               LOUIS ROEDERER CRISTAL BRUT 1999, Champagne  12.0%                                       1              £130.00

                                      An outstanding vintage Champagne from an outstanding House in an

                                      outstanding year.

9         France               AYALA ROSE BRUT MAJEUR, Champagne  12.0%                                                        1              £29.95

                                      Pale pink colour, fine mousse, fresh aromas and crisp on the palate. Perfect

                                      summer Champagne.

10       France               LAURENT PERRIER ROSE BRUT, Champagne  12.0%                                                     1              £42.00

                                      Pale and interesting, yet full and flavoursome.


11       France               LA VIGNEAU 2004/05, Côtes de Gascogne  12.0%                                                            2              £13.95

                                      Soft and easy drinking, with a light, lemony bouquet

12       Australia          WILSONS QUAY WHITE 2005/06, South East Australia  11.0%                                    2              £13.95

                                      Light, smooth, fruity, easy drinking wine.

13       Argentina         AVANTI SHIRAZ MALBEC 2004/05, BODEGAS BORBORE,                                         B             £13.95

                                      San Juan  13.0%                                                                                                                       

                                      Easy drinking blend, with Shiraz taking centre stage.

14       South Africa    CINSAUT PINOTAGE 2005/06, ROCHEBURG, Western Cape  14.5%                           B             £13.95

                                      Easy, soft, open-weave young wine, with a full finish.


15       England            DART VALLEY RESERVE 2004/05, SHARPHAM VINEYARD,                                      1              £16.75

                                      Devon  11.0%

                                      Super full-flavoured, zippy, dry, estate white.

16       Italy                   PINOT GRIGIO VALDADIGE ‘LE ROSSE’ 2004/05, TOMMASI,                                      2              £19.50

                                      Veneto  12.0%  

                                      Fresh, full, appetising dry white with a clean, nutty edge.

17       Spain                 MARQUES DE CACERES 2004/05, Rioja  12.5%                                                                2              £15.95

                                      Buttery, short-crust, smooth dry wine.

18       New Zealand   SAUVIGNON BLANC 2004/05, WHITEHAVEN, Marlborough  13.0%                          1              £17.75

                                      Exciting, gooseberry zest. Dramatic, ripe flavours still deliver the Sauvignon

                                      ‘cut’ in the palate.  Quality, depth and length in this wine of real class.

19       France               SANCERRE ‘SELECTION PREMIERE’ 2004/05, GUY SAGET, Loire  12.5%                   1              £22.50

                                      Grassy and gooseberryish with bright, clean flavours.

20       Australia          MEMSIE SAUVIGNON BLANC SEMILLON ROUSSANNE 2005/06,                             1              £16.50

                                      WATER WHEEL, Bendigo  13.0% 

                                      Tropical, lime and melon fruit aromas with hints of herbaciousness. On the

                                      palate, ripe peach and apricot flavours lead to a clean lingering finish.

21       South Africa    CHENIN BLANC 2005/06, ROCHEBURG, Western Cape  13.0%                                     2              £13.95

                                      Light and refreshing – made from South Africa’s most popular white grape variety.

22       Australia          UNWOODED CHARDONNAY 2004/05, MADFISH, Western Australia  13.0%          2              £16.95

                                      Crisp, fresh, green-tinged appearance, with aromas of melons and peach

                                      supported by grapefruit and mandarin.


23       Spain                 SENORIO DE LOS LLANOS RESERVA 2000/01, Valdepeñas  12.5%                             C             £15.95

                                      Light, smooth, easy wine, ageing and very soft.

24       France               DOMAINE DE LA CHAPELLE DES BOIS FLEURIE 2004/05,                                          C             £22.50

                                      PAUL BEAUDET, Beaujolais  12.5%

                                      The world’s most famous Cru Beaujolais, loved for its easy smoothness.

25       Chile                  MERLOT 2004/05, VINA CARMEN, Rapel Valley  14.0%                                                 D             £15.95

                                      Dark, reddish black. Gives a noseful of intense, raspberry-edged fruit and a

                                      palate of rich, supple flavours.

26       Italy                   VALPOLICELLA CLASSICO SUPERIORE 2004/05, TOMMASI,                                    D             £16.75

                                      Veneto  12.0%

                                      Dark cherry character and good, meaty flavours. No lightweight!

27       Spain                 AZABACHE ‘MAZUELO’ CRIANZA 2001/02, Rioja  13.5%                                            C             £18.95

                                      Attractive, juicy-fruit and soft, oak-aged combination.

28       Australia          SHIRAZ RESERVE 2003/04, CASTLE CREEK, South East Australia  14.0%                 D             £15.50

                                      Dark, gleaming colour. Very attractive, rich, polished aroma, leading into

                                      well-shaped flavours that fill the palate. Full, smooth and gratifying.

29       France               VALMOISSINE PINOT NOIR 2003/04, LOUIS LATOUR,                                                 B             £18.50

                                      Côteaux du Verdon  13.0%  

                                      From an ancient site emerges a very modern, soft and amiable Pinot Noir.


30       France               BARON D’ARIGNAC ROSE 2004/05, Grand Chais de France  12.5%                              3              £14.50

                                      This attractive, star-bright rosé is lightly dry and refreshing.

31       Italy                   PINOT GRIGIO ROSE 2005/06, LAROMA, Araldica  11.5%                                             2              £16.50

                                      As perfect a Pinot Grigio rosé as you could meet. It has freshness, delicacy and

                                      rose-scented charm all the way through.